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Testimonials from Patients

Adults (General)

"I have known Montserrat for almost 10 years, first as a Massage Therapist and now as an Acupuncturist/Massage Therapist. I have followed her from one practice to another. Because of Montserrat my neck which suffers from constant stiffness due to several herniated disks is no longer an issue in daily life for me. My nominal health and well-being can be attributed to her expertise and my frequent visits to her beautiful office." -- Joshua G. - Queens, NY

"Alquimia is a place I tried after a recommendation from a friend. I immediately felt comfortable in the serene and peaceful surroundings. Montserrat has a way of making you feel completely at ease. The massage was beyond excellent with Montserrat paying special attention to deep tissue massage that I need to alleviate tense upper back problems. I feel so relaxed throughout that i actually fall asleep regularly. Alquimia is my go to place for massage when i need to relax and de-stress." -- S. Tamarozzi - Manhasset, NY

"Amazing experience. I never knew what acupuncture was until I met Montserrat. She not only showed great bedside manners but made my neck and shoulder pain disappear. Just to add: beautiful and peaceful office. Highly recommend her." -- Michele S. - Manhasset, NY

"Outstanding Acupuncturist/Massage Therapist!! In the past 2+ years that I have been a patient of Montserrat, she has remedied a number of problems through acupuncture and keeps me feeling great with therapeutic massage. An excellent alternative to traditional medicine." -- Ernie - Albertson, NY

"Acupuncture has relieved my lower back pain to an occasional twinge. Now I can enjoy all the things I love to do including exercise, shopping and dancing. Give yourself an opportunity to live a full life without pain." -- Grace - Woodhaven, NY

"Last year I was suffering from a severe pulled hamstring from sports related injury and was in pain for several weeks. It was difficult to climb stairs or even get in and out of my car. Nothing else seemed to work so I contacted Montserrat at the Alquimia center for a consultation and she suggested an acupuncture treatment followed by massage. Having never tried acupuncture before I was somewhat leery but two days after my first treatment my leg began to improve. A short time later i was completely healed and I've been a faithful patient ever since. I regularly visit Montserrat for massage and/or acupuncture treatments finding it helps my overall well being and flexibility. Now when my aging friends complain of aches and pains, I explain to them about my acupuncture experience and give them her phone number." -- Steve O. - Stoney Point, NY

"There are many acupuncturists in the New York area, and many of them are good, but what makes Montserrat Markou exceptional is her unique gift of actually communicating to you on a deep physical, emotional and spiritual level. I have been to many clinicians over the years, but none have been as gentle, caring, concerned, professional and knowledgeable as she is." -- D.M. - Queens, NY

Women's Health

"I found Montserrat by searching the internet. I went to her because I liked what I read and because of her location. I am so happy I made this choice. After getting pregnant unassisted and assisted, I had several miscarriages. Combining IVF with Montserrat's treatments, I became pregnant and stayed pregnant for the first time in four years. Her style and character mentally relaxes you. You never leave the office with any doubt or unanswered questions. With prayer and faith in God, along with her professional and caring methods, all the pieces fit together. I will always have her close to my heart and recommend her to all, regardless of their circumstances. -- Victoria K. - Little Neck, NY

"On a regular basis I receive massages at Alquimia but have done more so throughout my second pregnancy. Thanks to the massage therapist at Alquimia, I had a great pregnancy." -- Tara P. - Great Neck, NY

"I was recommended to go to Alquimia for prenatal massages and after my experience, I will definitely repeat for post natal wellness. The therapist was not only knowledgeable in the field but also made me feel relaxed and cared for at all times. Thank you!! -- Patricia M. - Manhasset, NY

"Thank you to the massage therapists at Alquimia for the wonderful experience. My aches and pains during my pregnancy was much relieved by their wonderful and caring touch. -- Sylvia T. - Garden City, NY

Pediatric & Adolescent

"I was 15 years old when my mom took me to see Montserrat, and i have to admit I was somewhat anxious about going. Once there, I talked to Montserrat for a long time, she answered all my questions and concerns about acupuncture, and when I finished the first treatment, I couldn't wait to go back each week. The treatments really helped my acne and the general stress I was feeling. I liked it so much that my 13 year old brother wanted to go to get help with his ADD issues. He said it really helped him relax and feel more grounded. You can talk to Montserrat about anything bothering you, she is really cool." -- A.M. and J.M. - Douglaston, NY

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