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Acupuncture for Infants and Children

for maintaining health, improving growth and development

At ALQUIMIAkids a variety of treatments are available in ofer to effectively address your child's needs.

The type of treatment depends on the child's age and tolerance. Infants, toddlers and children up to approximately age 12 will benefit.

The techniques are non-invasive and provide a gentle stimulation to acupuncture points and its pathways to alleviate the severity of the child's current symptoms, as well as strengthen their overall constitution.

Because children are quite sensitive, they respond quickly. When treatments begin immediately on the onset of symptoms, the more likely the condition can be controlled. This will help keep it from becoming a deeper issue which can lead to problems later in life.

By treating the conditions with a combination of acupuncture, massage, diet and lifestyle changes, your child has a greater chance of becoming a healthy adult.



pediatric acupuncture

Specifically designed for babies and children up to approximately age six, the treatment consists of the use of small tools that are held carefully over the the acupuncture points or brushed gently along the acupuncture pathways using Pressing, Rolling and Tapping techniques.

See the article on Shonishin.

Pediatric "Tui Na" massage

Different from western infant massage in the way that it is more specifically designed to be therapeutic rather than simply for relaxation purposes. The massage techniques are applied to specific reflex zones on the limbs and torso of the child. Tui Na directly stimulate indiviidual organ systems, eliminates pathogens and activates the immune system.

E-stim pointer

A handheld device locates the acupuncture point and sends small pulsations to activate it. Children tend to find this technique somewhat ticklish.


This treatment is used on children who are receptive to this modality. It involves the insertion of very small hair-thin needles to specific points on the body. It helps move the blockages that are causing the disharmony.

Frequently asked questions

kids acupuncture

Can I be in the room with my child?

Parents are encouraged to be present with their child during the treatment. Infants especially can be held in their parent's arms during treatment.

How many sessions will my child need?

Depending on the condition, the technique is most effective when given at least once a week until the symptoms are alleviated. Once the condition is managed, treatments may continue on a limited protracted basis to prevent recurrence. Preventatively, parents can bring their child for monthly "tune-up" treatments. It is traditional for children to have monthly preventative treatments to keep immune system healthy.

How long is each session?

Working on the principle of "less is more" and depending on the age, the initial visit can last from 30-50 minutes, which includes a 10-20 minute treatment. Follow-ups can last up to 30 minutes starting with a few questions and a brief reexamination to determine your child's progress, following by the treatment for the day.

* Regardless of your child's medical condition, it is always adviseable to consult your child's pediatrician prior to any Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) treatments.

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