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Prenatal Massage

Relaxing and therapeutic, prenatal massage offers benefits that extend from mother to child.

Prenatal massage is a natural therapy treatment specifically designed to alleviate pregnancy-related symptoms and restore the harmonic balance of the expectant mother.

Pregnancy creates a wide range of physical and emotional changes, ranging from hormonal fluctuations to muscular tension and swelling. Studies have shown that massage therapy helps improve mood regulation and cardiovascular health when introduced into a woman's prenatal care.

The comforting and soothing essence of massage assists mom's-to-be achieve the healthy mind-body symmetry that is so vital for a successful pregnancy and delivery. By reducing stress and anxiety levels, massage can also help reduce complications that can occur when these issues are left untreated.

By reinforcing a woman's inner vitality and strength, massage therapy can accelerate the body's healing abilities - laying a healthy foundation for the bonding between mother and newborn.

Pregnancy is a natural and beautiful process, and at Alquimia we believe prenatal care should reflect this experience. Our massage therapist are NY-state licensed and board certified. We use techniques that are proven safe and effective for pregnant women. The comfort of the expectant mother is our primary concern, and we offer options tailored to her needs.



"On a regular basis I receive massages at Alquimia but have done more so throughout my second pregnancy. Thanks to the massage therapist at Alquimia, I had a great pregnancy." -- Tara P. - Great Neck, NY

"I was recommended to go to Alquimia for prenatal massages and after my experience, I will definitely repeat for post natal wellness. The therapist was not only knowledgeable in the field but also made me feel relaxed and cared for at all times. Thank you!! -- Patricia M. - Manhasset, NY

"Thank you to the massage therapists at Alquimia for the wonderful experience. My aches and pains during my pregnancy was much relieved by their wonderful and caring touch. -- Sylvia T. - Garden City, NY

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