Long Island Pediatric Acupuncture
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Shonishin: An Ancient Healing Practice for Children: Treatment consists of using small tools that stimulate the meridians using different techniques to stroke, tap and press the skin.

Treating ADHD with Traditional Chinese medicine & Lifestyle Changes: Traditional Chinese medicine has made large strides with acupuncture and herbal medicine in helping children with ADHD.


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Acupuncture Helps Kids and Teens With Chronic Pain Article at WebMD

Pathways - AHDD Natural awakenings



April, 2009. Acupuncture for Kids: Parents turning to holistic medicine when traditional treatments aren't enough. Courtesy Mefeedia & ABC News.

September, 2005. The Northwest has long been a good source for alternative medicine. But now acupuncture is going mainstream. Young patients at Seattle's Children's Hospital are being treated with the ancient Chinese medicine for everything from pain to ADHD. Courtesy King 5TV, Seattle Children's Hospital.

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